Opening Concepts – Errata and Adjustments

One or two early copies were released on CreateSpace. Since then a few modifications have been made, some already included in the first printing in October 2017 (Bristol Open and Cyprus Merit Tournaments.) Errata are marked in
. Ongoing improvements and adjustments made to the book will be logged here. Please email us if you find a mistake!

p.10 Last Line of first paragraph now reads “increases accordingly 22 32 42 52 62).

p.13 Line 2 should read “.. shown in Example 1-2.”

p.15 Line 1 should read “In the same way as Example 1-2 (the previous 44 problem)”

p.24 The lower diagram should have four black checkers on the 13-point.

p.26 Line 5 now reads “difficult for Black to escape his back checkers

p.43 Line 8 should read “Again we suggest memorizing the last two examples [1-17 and 1-18]..”

p.76 We added another Suitable Proverb: “Fight for a good point

p.81 The first line now reads “Black should choose to play 24/20 (2)..”

p.101 Line 6 should read “escape to an area where she has fewer checkers,”

p.119 Line 8 changed to “using her builder” (changed whole paragraph to female gender)

p.130 Penultimate line now reads “you’ll still face many return shots after you choose 7/3* anyway”

p.142 Omitted asterisk in diagram caption “Figure after playing b/20 11/7*

p.145 The lower diagram should have four black checkers on the 13-point.

p.207 Last line now reads “should White dance with both checkers.”

Updated Glossary Entry

Zone: Checkers that are within direct reach of making new points within our home board. These checkers in the zone could lie anywhere between the 1-point and 11-point. Please note if you have made your 5-point, then the checker on your 11-point is not in the zone.