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This book is designed to improve your Backgammon skills by using proverbs made up by myself. They represent the basic concepts in backgammon and play a major role in the book. You solve problems by applying suitable proverbs, then you will find the essence of the positions. In chapter 1 & 2, Beginner level, announcing 12 basic proverbs, which I really hope you will memorize. In chapter 3 & 4, Intermediate level, introducing you to 6 advanced proverbs. Together, these 18 proverbs cover most of the opening phase. In chapter 5, 6 and 7, Advanced level, I confront another 3 important concepts, tough even for advanced players. In my opinion, the more you understand Backgammon, the more you will enjoy it. I really hope this book helps you feel better while playing Backgammon, an unbelievably well-crafted game.