Michy provides three types of the lessons through Zoom:
– Basic
– Advanced
– Personally designed

(1) The student plays the game with Michy. We discuss all the checker plays and cube actions during the game.
(2) After the game, Michy shows three most important concepts in the game.

(1) You pick up one category.
(2) You learn the important concepts expressed simple phrases and proverbs via PowerPoint
(3) You solve many questions to understand the concepts.

(1) Michy checks the match files of the student to find the weakness.
(2) Michy designs the original program for the student with PowerPoint.

Basic lesson: $150 for one lesson (one hour)
Advanced lesson: $200 for one lesson (one hour)
Personally designed lesson: $300 for one lesson (one hour)
If you buy ten lessons, you’ll get one extra lesson (11 in total)

Lesson at the student’s house: 300 USD per hour
plus travel and accommodation expense

Example) Two days live lesson in New York
Travel expense from Japan $5000
Accommodation $300×2=$600
$300×5 hours×2 days=$3000
Total $8600
If Michy stays at the student’s house, there will be no accommodation fee.

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +81 80 3169 0724

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +81 80 3169 0724