Step 1. You learn the concepts with simple phrases or proverbs.
Step 2. You use the ideas over the board.
Step 3. Your PR is getting better and you enjoy backgammon more.

(1) Michy plays the game with student, answering the student’s question and suggesting the better way of thinking.
(2) After the game, Michy shows three most important concepts during the game.

(1) You pick up one category.
(2) You learn the important concepts expressed simple phrases and proverbs.
(3) You solve many questions to understand the concepts.

< Checker play>
– Opening play
– End game
– Hit loose
– Back checker
– Handling one man back
– Freedom

< Doubling cube>
– Doubling cube
– Match cube
– Too good to double

(1) Michy checks the match files of the student to find the weakness.
(2) Michy designs the five hours program for the students with PowerPoint files.

Basic lesson: $120
Advanced lesson: $150
Personally designed lesson: $310
One unit consists of 5 hours lessons.
Example) 1 hour×5 times, 2 hours+2 hours+1 hour

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +81 80 3169 0724

120 USD – 500 USD
plus travel and accommodation expense

Example) 2 days live lesson in New York
Travel expense from Japan $1800
Accommodation $300×2=$600
$300×5 hours×2 days=$3000
Total $5400
If Michy stays at the student’s house, there will be no accommodation cost.

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +81 80 3169 0724